About Entrusted Ministries
On February 1, 2009, after thirty-one years of ministry, Dennis Lynn retired as Pastor of McCormick First Baptist Church. For Dennis, retirement does not translate as recreation. He sees it as an opportunity to pursue avenues of ministry he has not previously pursued. Having had his first book published in the fall of 2008, he hopes to be able to devote more time to writing.

Besides writing, he hopes to pursue a teaching ministry in the local church through revivals, seminars, conferences, etc. It is his belief that too many churches have accepted the enemy’s lies and have come to believe that they can not achieve great things because of their size, finances, location, etc. He hopes to debunk that argument and to help churches see that they can be everything God wishes them to be.

Entrusted Ministries was born out of this desire. Its purpose is to assist the local church become all God intends it to be. Marshall Fagg, who works with the Evangelism and Missions Team of the SC Baptist Convention had this to say about Dennis’ ministry: “With over 70% of South Carolina Baptist Churches either on a plateau or in decline, Dennis becomes a resource of hope for Biblical revitalization.”

If you would like more information about Entrusted Ministries, contact Dennis at dennis@entrustedministries.org or you may call him at (H) 864-663-9432 or (C) 864-993-3922. He would welcome the opportunity to talk with you to determine how he may assist you with your ministry needs.