"101 Reflections"
“101 Reflections” is the compilation of ten years of weekly articles written by Dennis Lynn for the McCormick Messenger in McCormick, SC, while he served as pastor of McCormick First Baptist Church. During his last year in McCormick after much encouragement from others, he rewrote the articles, hopefully improving upon them, and put them in a book format. Below you will find two brief excerpts from critics of the book.

"Dennis has been gifted by God to communicate and teach simple Biblical truths through his real life experiences as a high school football coach, Baptist minister, father, husband, and grandfather. After reading the first "Reflection", I found myself wondering what Dennis had in store for me in the next. It was hard to put down.” Mike Martin Forestville Baptist Church, Travelers Rest, SC

"What a joy to pick up Dennis Lynn's book and find reflections for real, everyday life. It doesn't matter whether I'm struggling with doubt or fear or strength or attitude, Dennis Lynn's words are there to comfort, encourage, and challenge me. Vonda Skelton, Author Speaker and Leader of Women’s Retreats

Now, enjoy a sample Reflection for yourself and determine whether you believe this is a book worthy of a place on your book shelf.

"Don’t Be Satisfied with the Hulls"

Years ago my wife went to the corn mill to buy fresh ground corn meal. The biggest inconvenience with fresh meal is that you must sift it before using it. One evening as I was preparing cornbread I stood sifting the ground meal. I was sifting it over the trash can and the good part was going into the can and I was left with the hulls. As I stared down into the sifter, it was obvious I had done a very foolish thing. I took solace in the fact that I really knew better and this was a temporary lapse in intelligence.

Each day we sift through the things that come into our lives. Many people sift through life and let the best things go into the trash can, while they preserve and hang onto the hulls.

Jesus promised those who follow Him would not have to settle for the hulls. He promised to give those who follow Him His joy, His peace, and a life filled with abundance. Most people would give anything to have these things . . . anything but control of their wills. Instead of following His guidance, people seek to distinguish between the hulls and the important things on their own. If they are diligent they may experience a taste of happiness along the way but they will not find the deep joy, peace and abundance God wishes to give them.

Every day, people come to the autumn of their lives knowing they have chased after things that do not satisfy the deepest needs of the spirit. They have done it their ways, but in the process, they have settled for the hulls rather than the meal.

My temporary lapse of intelligence was easy to remedy. I simply dumped the hulls into the trashcan and began again. In life, it is not always that simple. Sometimes it takes a long time to correct the wrong choices we have made. The good news is it can be done. You can start where you are and live the remainder of your life seeking after the things Jesus tells us will bring joy, peace, and abundance.

The starting point in any journey is the first step. The first step is being willing to accept the truth that Jesus’ way is always the best way. Are you ready to make that first step?