"Dennis Lynn has reached deep into his life experience as husband, father, teacher, coach and pastor to produce a way of checking the spiritual vital signs of both the believer and the church. With over 70% of South Carolina Baptist Churches either on a plateau or in decline, Dennis becomes a resource of hope for Biblical revitalization. His heart cries out for spiritual revival in our day."
Marshall Fagg

"I enthusiastically endorse Dennis Lynn's seminar, "Checking Your Spiritual Vital Signs." I agree with him that in most cases churches are trying to find a quick fix in some new program when in fact what they need to work on are "the basics." The "Vital Signs," Dennis lays out will not be new to most, but they will be a much needed reminder of what we should be doing in order to make a real and lasting impact on a lost world. Dennis' experience in ministry and his passion to see the church become all it can be come through in his presentation. Your church will greatly benefit from what he has to say."
Dr. Steve Patton, Lead Pastor at Fairview Baptist Church, Greer, SC

"I have known Dennis Lynn since 1983. I was his DOM on two different occasions. He has a Pastor's heart. His passion in life is to see the churches of our denomination improve their spiritual health. He has devoted a lot of time and energy to a project that could benefit a lot of our churches and a lot of our Pastors. I hope that you will provide Dennis with an opportunity to meet with the Pastors of your Association to introduce them to this project, which he calls "Checking Your Spiritual Vital Signs." I am happy to recommend my friend, Dennis Lynn, to you and the leadership of your Association."
Wallace Hughes

"In a day when pastors and other Christian leaders can seem a bit too polished, even synthetic or unreal, it is refreshing to receive encouraging, biblical teaching from a gifted, humble and transparent servant of Christ. Dennis Lynn has been a colleague and dear friend for many years, and it is my privilege to offer an enthusiastic recommendation of both his devotional book and his ministry. Dennis has that special ability to cut through all the fluff and get down to the core of most any issue related to the church and the Christian life. As a follower of Jesus, his book is an invaluable resource for checking my own spiritual pulse. As a pastor, I am grateful for the down-to-earth way that he has communicated God’s wisdom and truth to our church family and helped us to examine our relationships with God, each other and the people of our community. Let me encourage you to explore the writings and unique ministry of Dennis Lynn!"
Bob Moore, Pastor Pontiac First Baptist Church

"It has not only been our privilege and joy to get to know Dennis Lynn over these last six years – it has also been one of our greatest blessings. Under Dennis’s shepherding, we have been challenged to live lives of submission and dedication to our Lord and Savior. His Bible teaching, and preaching, come from a servant’s heart and humble spirit. Working with him has been a pleasure and a growth experience. He respects and encourages those he works with to reach out and expand their ministerial horizons. The partnership of preaching and music was easily joined together in service to our Lord due in large part to Dennis’s spirit of cooperation and sharing. His love for the Lord is very obvious in everything he does. Dennis is truly a man of God in thought, word and deed."
Dave (and Fran) Becker, Minister of Music, McCormick First Baptist Church

“I would like to personally recommend to you my friend, Rev. Dennis Lynn. I have known Dennis for six years now as he has been the pastor of the McCormick First Baptist Church in McCormick, SC. He has actually been its pastor for ten years, but I have only been the Associational Missionary in the association in which this church is located for six of those ten years. Dennis has proven to be a friend to me as well as a friend to the association. He not only has faithfully served McCormick First’s as pastor, but during his tenure there, Dennis also served in several associational positions, including Vice-Moderator and Moderator. Dennis has an easy-going personality that endears him to those who know him.

More recently Dennis published a book which is actually a compilation of the many articles he wrote for his local paper in a weekly article. This book is entitled “101 Reflections” and is a personal accounting and reflection of many years of Dennis’ thoughts and reflections as he pastored his church.

The reason I write is because Dennis is retiring from McCormick First as its pastor. However, he is not retiring from his desire to continue to serve the Lord through active interim work, conferences, etc. His last day will be 1 February 2009. If you have any need for a fine minister who faithfully served the Lord in the local church, again, I recommend to you Dennis Lynn.”
David W. Little, Associational Missionary, Lakelands Baptist Association

“I have been privileged to know Dennis Lynn and to have lived in the same town where he served as pastor. Dennis preached a revival at the church where I am the pastor, bringing excellent sermons that were obviously inspired by the Holy Spirit. Over the approximately ten years that I have known Dennis, he has always conducted himself in a Christ-like manner, whether at a church or community function. I highly recommend Dennis for any church as a supply or revival preacher or for a church that is seeking an interim, bi-vocational or full-time pastor.”
Bruce Cooley, Pastor, Berea Baptist Church, Edgefield Baptist Association

"What a joy to pick up Dennis Lynn's book and find reflections for real, everyday life. Many times devotional books are so tightly focused that the reader ends up reading the same points over and over. Not so with 101 Reflections. It doesn't matter whether I'm struggling with doubt or fear or strength or attitude, Dennis Lynn's words are there to comfort, encourage, and challenge me. I can tell this book will stay on my nightstand for a long time."
Vonda Skelton, Author, Speaker and Leader of Women’s Retreats

"101 Reflections is well written, well organized, and draws from both the spiritual and the world in which we live. It is very easy to find a topic in the index which will speak to almost any problem or concern that I may be experiencing at the time. The way that personal experiences are incorporated into God’s teaching s help me to identify with the author. I look forward to it as a part of my daily devotions and thank God that He laid this endeavor on the heart of Dennis Lynn my pastor and my friend."
George Patterson, Deacon of McCormick First Baptist Church

"Dennis has done with “101 Reflections” what every minister ought to do. And that is put down on paper a compilation of the many thoughts and reflections one has had over a lengthy period of time regarding ministry and the local church. Through Dennis’ many experiences over many years comes his book as he compiles from his church’s newsletters as well as through years of writing for the local newspaper in McCormick, SC. He has put the best of his thoughts down on paper. Dennis is a faithful servant of the Lord and his writings will give readers something for them to “reflect” upon."
David W. Little, Associational Missionary, Lakelands Baptist Association

"I have really been blessed by Rev. Dennis Lynn's book "101 Reflections". Dennis has been gifted by God to communicate and teach simple Biblical truths through many of his real life experiences as a high school football coach, Baptist minister, father, husband, and grandfather. After reading the first "Reflection", I found myself wondering what Dennis had in store for me in the next. It was hard to put down. It is a great read and a great gift to give someone seeking strong Biblical principles written in an easily understandable format. I look forward to "101 Reflections #2"."
Mike Martin, Forestville Baptist Church, Travelers Rest, SC

"As stated on the back flap of the book 101 Reflections, Rev. Dennis Lynn "uses personal experiences and simple illustrations to teach Biblical truth dealing with everyday life experiences and challenges." These illustrations were written over the course of about 10 years as Rev. Lynn shared his personal insights in the local paper of the small community where he served as pastor.

In the book, Pastor Lynn groups his reflections into nine topic groups which range from spiritual topics such as faith and discipleship to personal topics such as attitude and relationships. All are presented in a very down-to-earth conversational style that makes for enjoyable reading. Though his teaching is very sound theologically, it is eminently understandable and practical. While some of the illustrations are very humorous, all are quite serious and thought-provoking. I started out to use the book for brief personal devotions, but found myself reading an entire section before I decided to put it down. You also don't want to read it alone, for you want to share the illustrations with someone else after you read them.

In this little book, you find the secret of success, the importance of attitude, the gift of inner peace, and where to get everything you need. You'll learn a lesson from a dirty T-shirt and from the parakeet that got sucked into a vacuum cleaner. You'll learn about the Book of Limitations and the power of submission. Everything considered, it is a thought-provoking book that is fun to read."
Forrest Gilmore, Member McCormick FBC