Let Us Serve You
Entrusted Ministries is here to serve churches and to assist them in becoming all that God wants them to become. Dennis Lynn is available for revivals, retreats, menís suppers, and seminars. Listed below you will find a number of the leading seminars available. If you would like additional information, contact Entrusted Ministries at

Seminar Topics

Revitalization Weekend
Most individuals understand the importance of having their physical vital signs checked on a regular basis. An irregularity in any one of these signs may indicate a deeper problem that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, too few people understand the importance of checking their spiritual vital signs on a regular basis as well. These signs can help us identify the areas of strength and weakness in our spiritual life and the life of our church.

If we are to maintain our personal spiritual well-being and the spiritual well-being of our church, we must keep check on the vital signs of spiritual health. We need to evaluate how well we are doing in such things as faith, discipleship, evangelism, worship, fellowship, prayer, missions, stewardship, lay ministry, and vision casting

The purpose of the Revitalization Weekend is to explore the scriptural basis of each area and to evaluate how well we are growing both as individuals and churches in each area. As in our physical exams, we will discover areas in which we are doing extremely well and areas in which we need to place more focus.

What Christian Fellowship Should Look Like
Christianity was never meant to be an individual journey. Unless providentially hindered, it is meant to be lived out in the context of community. Sadly, many Christians do not have any idea what this means. This seminar will provide a biblical backdrop to what a Christlike fellowship should look like. This is a valuable tool in bringing unity to the body of Christ.

The Key to Unlocking Godís Blessings for Your Life
The foundation of our faith is our belief in Christ. The secret of experiencing the full joy of this relationship is understanding prayer. The disciples understood the importance of prayer. It was the only thing recorded in scripture that the disciples asked Jesus to teach them. This seminar explores the depth of meaning found in the Model Prayer Jesus taught them to pray.

Facing the Reality of Spiritual Warfare
The evidence of spiritual warfare is all around us. As we approach this topic, it is important that we do not give the enemy more credit than he is due. We also must not on the one hand, see a demon behind every tree and on the other hand, act as if Satan does not exist. A proper understanding of this battle we are engaged in will help us live in victory.

This seminar is designed to give people an accurate look at the reality of spiritual warfare found in scripture and to provide the Christian with the proper tools to fight it victoriously.

The Five ďCísĒ of Parenting
This seminar is designed to give parents five foundational principles that are essential for effective parenting. While this is valuable for all parents, it is especially valuable for parents of young children, because the earlier these principles are implemented the greater impact they have on the lives of our children..